Columbia Historical Society

The Columbia Historical Society Mission:

  • To encourage historical research
  • To hold meetings on historical subjects for members and the public
  • To discover, collect, and preserve whatever pertains to Columbia’s history

The Columbia Historical Society was formed in 1966. In cooperation with the town historian, the Society seeks to preserve important information about town history. It is a non-profit organization.

Four regular meetings are held each year, usually in February, April, September, and November.  Prior to each meeting a newsletter is published and mailed to members. Programs are a mix of local and regional history.

The Society oversees the town-owned Indian School.  An annual open house with changing exhibits and themes is held there usually in September during the Harvest Fair.

Historical Society Officers:

  • President, Justin Holbrook
  • Vice-President, Judy Ortiz
  • Secretary, Jeanne Nuhfer
  • Treasurer, Beverly Ciurylo

Board of Directors

  • Tip Garritt, Past President
  • Polly Hinckley
  • Judy Ortiz
  • De Ramm, Town Historian Emerita
  • Millie Ramsey
  • Andrea Stannard
  • Carmen Vance
  • Ingrid Wood, Town Historian
  • Walt Woodward, CT State Historian

Our By-Laws: By-laws revised 2012